Aloa Input

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Aloa Input

Originally hailing from different parts of Bavaria, Aloa Input is a Munich-based three-piece comprised of Florian Kreier (vocals/bass, aka Angela Aux), Cico Beck (drums/electronics; aka Joasihno & live member of The Notwist and Ms. John Soda), and Marcus Grassl (guitar/vocals). Founded in January 2011, the band’s eclectic output is known to channel a plethora of different influences from various genres and periods. Often based on experimentation – think Flaming Lips, Animal Collective, Can –, Aloa Input’s sound generally combines the members’ penchant for massive hooks, multipart vocals and complex beats (in the vein of Anticon). Also inspired by various other projects – apart from making music for film and theater, some members also work in literature and journalism –, Aloa Input have released their debut album “Anysome” in early 2013, followed by a remix EP (“RMX”) in summer 2014. In march 2015 , they will release their sophomore album “MARS ETC.”: Recorded in a lighthouse on the Croatian island of Krk, they mixed the album in Weilheim (The Notwist studios) with co-producer Olaf Opal. “MARS ETC.” will be released on 06.03.2015 by Morr Music.


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