Team Dreams

Sóley, Sin Fang, Örvar Smárason (of múm) embarked on a project in 2017 to release a track a month. Now that it's December, the 12 tracks have formed the record "Team Dreams". It combines the individual strengths of three acclaimed musicians, blends folk sensibilities with futuristic pop beats.

This is easily one of the best albums the three artists have been involved in. Everyone brought their distinct sound: There is Sóley’s ethereal presence, Sin Fangs ability to craft powerful pop anthems and Örvar’s experience with translating emotions into sound. These songs wander between the bonfire intimacy of a piano ballad and slow-paced beats that echo cutting-edge R&B and club productions by artists like Jam City and Kelela.

We are happy to announce that the CD / 2LP is out today exclusively on, before it gets an official release early 2018.

Initial copies come with a limited poster!

Dec 8, 2017


múm, sóley, Sin Fang

New B. Fleischmann Single

B. Fleischmann, the longest-tenured solo artist on Morr Music, returns with indie-spirited, electronica-enhanced moments of bliss on his upcoming 2018 album “Stop Making Fans".

The 1st single 'Here Comes The A Train' is out today!

Dec 8, 2017



The Sun Will Go Out

November's track from Soley, Örvar, Sin Fang, "The Sun Will Go Out," is now available via Spotify and iTunes. Their ongoing project this year has been to release a track each month. With this 11th track, the album in the collection is almost complete! Follow the Spotify playlist to hear all the tracks so far. 

Nov 29, 2017


múm, sóley, Sin Fang

múm - Silent Film Concert

We are very excited that múm will return to Berlin to play their live score to the silent film "Menschen am Sonntag" at Radialsystem V on 17. & 18. February, 2018. Get a taste of the film + score in the trailer

The event will also celebrate the record release of a limited vinyl edition of the score, recorded live at previous UM:LAUT shows!

'Menschen am Sonntag' is a german (silent) film classic. It's a portrait of a young generation in the late 20s. These 'Sunday People' are youngsters, and – tragically –  not yet aware, they are living on the eve of fascism. Its filmic style is modernist, light and prosaic – quite opposite to the famous expressionist Weimar Cinema of the same decade. 

- Full info & tickets via UM:LAUT

- Facebook events here for for 17. February & 18. February.

Nov 22, 2017



Spirit Fest Out Today!

Happy release day to 'Spirit Fest', a new impromptu supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo Tenniscoats and Markus Acher of The Notwist. The self-titled debut LP is a bewitching piece of Avant-Pop. Recorded in Winter 2016 when long-time fan Markus Acher (Notwist) jumped at the chance to invite Tenniscoats to a small apartment studio.

'Spirit Fest' drops today, and it is available in a limited vinyl version which contains a bonus 7inch. Also there is a regular LP, CD  and of course it is available on iTunes / Apple Music or streaming on Spotify.

Nov 10, 2017


Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest album stream

Spirit Fest's self titled album is now streaming via Tiny Mixtapes, who recommend to "cozy-the-fuck-up" to the collaboratorive project's tender Avant-Pop. The Tenniscoats / Notwist co-op will release their debut next Friday. In addition to the 'usual' formats, there's gonna be a limited vinyl edition, which can be ordered over at

Nov 4, 2017



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