Spirit Fest Out Today!

Happy release day to 'Spirit Fest', a new impromptu supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo Tenniscoats and Markus Acher of The Notwist. The self-titled debut LP is a bewitching piece of Avant-Pop. Recorded in Winter 2016 when long-time fan Markus Acher (Notwist) jumped at the chance to invite Tenniscoats to a small apartment studio.

'Spirit Fest' drops today, and it is available in a limited vinyl version which contains a bonus 7inch. Also there is a regular LP, CD  and of course it is available on iTunes / Apple Music or streaming on Spotify.

Nov 10, 2017


Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest album stream

Spirit Fest's self titled album is now streaming via Tiny Mixtapes, who recommend to "cozy-the-fuck-up" to the collaboratorive project's tender Avant-Pop. The Tenniscoats / Notwist co-op will release their debut next Friday. In addition to the 'usual' formats, there's gonna be a limited vinyl edition, which can be ordered over at anost.net.

Nov 4, 2017



Go To Sleep Boy

The latest Soley, Örvar, Sin Fang track 'Go To Sleep Boy' is now up! It's getting towards the end of the year of monthly tracks, to get a sense of the almost-complete project, follow the Spotify playlist

Oct 30, 2017


sóley, Sin Fang, Spotify

Sequoyah Tiger 'Parabolabandit' Release Day!

Finally the world can hear 'Parabolabandit', Sequoyah Tiger's debut album! 

While exploring the limits and hubs of pop traditions, weird sound studies and vocal experiments, she comes up with bewilderingly beautiful songs in which vintage rock ’n’ roll and present-day avant pop happily clash with electronic and acoustic elements, jagged beats and subtle rhythms, otherworldly shouts and confessional words.

You can order the record on anost.net, or take a listen via Spotify or iTunes.

Oct 27, 2017


Sequoyah Tiger, Release

New Sóley video

Go and watch Sóley's new video for Úa!

Oct 25, 2017


sóley, videos

Sequoyah Tiger Playlist

In preparation for this Friday's release of Sequoyah Tiger's debut album 'Parabolabandit', you can now check out her new Spotify playlist: Mordi il tuono. There are plenty of new favorites to be discovered! 

Oct 25, 2017


Spotify, Sequoyah Tiger

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