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Pascal Pinon in Europe

don't miss Pascal Pinon, their tour starts tomorrow!

2013-10-10 Bratislava (SK) — Loft
2013-10-11 Kosice (SK) — Kasarne
2013-10-12 Graz (AT) — Steirischer Herbst
2013-10-13 Ins (CH) — Hauskonzert
2013-10-14 Bern (CH) — Wartesaal
2013-10-15 Esch/Alzette (LU) — Rockhal
2013-10-17 Paris (FR) — Espace B
2013-10-18 Gouda (NL) — So What
2013-10-19 Hamburg (DE) — Haus 73
2013-11-17 Caen (FR) — Boreales Festival

Oct 9, 2013


pascal pinon

bags are packed

Pascal Pinon & Sin Fang kick off their European tour tomorrow! For tickets, please click here.

May 16, 2013


pascal pinon, Sin Fang

Introducing Samaris

Jófríður Ákadóttir, one half Pascal Pinon, has a second project now. 'Samaris' has been active in Reykjavík for some time, now the band has signed to 'One Little Indian', which is the home of Björk or Ólöf Arnalds. The label will release Samaris debut album this summer. Get a first impression by watching Samaris video 'Goda Tungl'.

May 4, 2013


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iceland airwaves: line-up

The Iceland Airwaves Festival just announced their first artists: this autumn múm will return to the festival as well as Pascal Pinon and Sin Fang. More to come.....

Feb 28, 2013


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Pascal Pinon: new video & tour

Pascal Pinon have announced their first tour in 2013! And there's also a video by Alisa Kalyanova, which shows a day in the life of Pascal Pinon, as well as the song 'Evgeny Kissing' ... It can be watched here!

2013-02-21 Darmstadt (DE) — Bedroomdisco - venue TBA
2013-02-22 Karlsruhe (DE) — Nun Cafe
2013-02-23 St. Gallen (CH) — Nordklang Festival
2013-02-25 Vienna (AT) — Das Tag Tickets
2013-02-27 Budapest (HU) — Toldi Klub
2013-02-28 Rijeka (HR) — Klub Tunel
2013-03-01 Padova (IT) — La Mela di Newton
2013-03-02 Rome (IT) — Monti
2013-03-03 Ravenna (IT) — Moog
2013-03-04 Milan (IT) — Gattò
2013-03-05 Le Locle (CH) — Le Lux
2013-03-06 Munich (DE) — Milla
2013-03-07 Stuttgart (DE) — Club KimTimJim
2013-03-08 Offenbach (DE) — Hafen 2

Jan 24, 2013


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Pascal Pinon: Twosomeness

Pascal Pinon's second album 'Twosomeness' is finally released today! Digital via Itunes, and physical via!

Recorded & produced by Alex Somers (producer of Sigur Rós & Jónsi), this album marks a huge step for Pascal Pinon, especially in terms of songwriting and arrangements. But even the fact that they used more than one microphone this time does not take away from the characteristic DIY approach often found in Iceland’s bedrooms. Pascal Pinon are about to enter adult life – a point usually associated with drifting apart, forgetting dreams. These girls, however, seem to be going the other direction instead: they appear to be closer, even more of an entity of its own, more of a two-headed being, less lonesome, but twosome, unified in sound.

Jan 18, 2013


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Fenster & Pascal Pinon are playing this year's Eurosonic Norderslaag Festival in Groningen:

09.01.2013 — 11.45PM - 12.30PM @ De Spieghel (Up)
10.01.2013 — 18.10 PM - 18.25Pm @ Plato Record Store
10.01.2013 — 11.00 PM - 11.40 PM @ USVA

Pascal Pinon
09.01.2013 — 20.45PM - 21.30PM @ De Spieghel (Up)
10.01.2013 — 22.10PM - 22.50PM @ Stadsschouwburg/Kruithuis

Jan 8, 2013


pascal pinon, Fenster

Happy Holidays!

Our Icelandic artists wish you a merry christmas with this video, and so do we! Thanks for your support in 2012! And see you next year! 

Dec 22, 2012


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