Have you heard that new track by Sóley?

Sóley's latest track is called 'Ævintýr' and it's on now on YouTube. And as well it is featured on the latest Nordic Playlist ...expect much more soon!

Mar 11, 2015


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Prince De Combat

Watch the new video from 'Slow Steve' who will release his debut EP on Morr Music very soon!

Mar 2, 2015


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Aloa Input: 2nd album now!

The second album by ’Aloa Input' is called 'Mars etc.' and now available from anost.net. Vinyl edition comes on transparent vinyl (initial orders only!) and is bundled with in instant download. 

Feb 27, 2015


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Watch: 'Competition' by The Dodos

Premiered today: The new video by The Dodos – 'Competition' is the first single from their new album 'Individ'. Watch it here!

Feb 5, 2015


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The Dodos 'Individ': complete album stream!

'Individ', the upcoming album by The Dodos streams at Pitchfork Advance! You can already order 'Individ' on anost.net!

Jan 20, 2015


The Dodos

Pre-Order 'Individ' by the Dodos!

'Individ' is the new album by one of the most appreciated US-Indies. Having just wrapped up the sessions for 'Carrier', the duo immediately began laying to tape the batch of songs that would make up the energetic new album 'Individ'. And what comes naturally to the Dodos is creating music that sounds positively epic.

'Individ' is official released on Morr Music on January 30th, but you can pre-order now the Vinyl or CD version on anost.net. The available edition comes on blue vinyl. Both formats ship from January, 20th and include a lossless download, that will be send to your inbox instantly!

Jan 15, 2015


The Dodos

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