sóley's Krómantik EP released + new video

To celebrate the official release of sóley's haunting piano EP 'Krómantik', she has just premiered a video for it's title track. The EP is now available everywhere!

Jul 18, 2014


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New Sóley-EP pre-released!

Instead of presenting another album of sepia-toned pop tunes, Sóley returns with a short, eerie, cinematic, almost voice-less set of eight short piano tracks. Sóley’s take on instrumental piano music is a stunningly bleak and shadowy overture to her sophomore album, which she plans to release in 2015. You can watch a first trailer here!

Krómantik is released as a 10inch vinyl EP and CDEP (also packaged in a 10" sleeve1). Both formats includes 8 page full size booklet with illustrations and sheet music for piano. 

It now ships via anost.net (official release is July, 18th).

Jul 4, 2014


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It's A Musical play two gigs on Nano Mugen Festival:

07-13 Yokohama (JP) — Nano Mugen Festival @ Yokohama Arena

07-12 Yokohama (JP) — Nano-Mugen Festival @ Yokohama Arena

Jun 5, 2014


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Fenster on tour again

Fenster will be on the road again next week! They will also have new shirts and bags with them, that you can also get from anost.net!

2014-05-13 Hannover (DE) — Cafe Glocksee

2014-05-14 Gent (BE) — Vooruit

2014-05-15 London (GB) — Birthdays Tickets

2014-05-16 Amsterdam (NL) — De Nieuwe Anita

2014-05-17 Paris (FR) — Espace B

2014-05-18 Luxembourg (LU) — Carré Rotondes

2014-05-19 Nancy (FR) — Quai'son

2014-05-20 Grenoble (FR) — Centre d'art Bastille

2014-05-21 Lausanne (CH) — Le Romandie

2014-05-22 Lyon (FR) — Le Sonic

2014-05-24 Nantes (FR) — Stereolux (Festival Indigènes)

2014-05-28 Dijon (FR) — Alchimia

2014-05-29 Esslingen (DE) — Dieselstrasse (Young River Festival)

2014-05-31 Mannheim (DE) — Maifeld Derby Festival

2014-05-31 Giessen (DE) — Kupferschmiede

2014-06-01 Bielefeld (DE) — AJZ

2014-06-06 Vienna (AT) — Rhiz

2014-06-07 Innsbruck (AT) — TBA

2014-06-14 Luzern (CH) — B Side Festival

2014-06-15 Ulm (DE) — Kradhalle

2014-06-16 Bamberg (DE) — Morph Club

2014-08-01 Burg Friedland (DE) — Jenseits Von Millionen

May 9, 2014


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new Fenster video

Fenster have a new video for their song 'Cat Emperor', please watch, enjoy and share

May 7, 2014


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infinite stillness

Watch the new Orcas video here! 'Inifinite Stillness' is taken from Orcas recent album 'Yearling'.

Apr 22, 2014


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