Sin Fang reveals 'Candyland' video

Sin Fang has just revealed 'Candyland' (feat. Jónsi) via Stereogum. It's the first video from his upcoming album 'Spaceland'. Taking a cue from the main lyrical theme of the album - "self-therapy after having panic attacks" - director Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir is working with abstract interpretations of the physical effects that anxiety can produce – and puts them in a virtual candy environment. 

Jul 20, 2016


Sin Fang, Video


Icelandic sisters Jófríõur Ákadóttir & Ásthildur aka Pascal Pinon share another slice of their minimal take on folk with new track 'Orange' via The Best Line of Fit from their forthcoming record 'Sundúr'!

Jul 14, 2016


pascal pinon

ISAN's 'Disc-Course On Beauty'-Mix

ISAN did a mix with ten 'lost' tracks, taken from sold-out compilations and 7inches. Most of those tracks have never been available digitally... We hope you enjoy this mix, which is presented by Das Filter - and we look forward to sharing some new ISAN material with you later this year.

Jul 5, 2016



the quarter finals

We're happy our investment in Icelandic soccer paid off so well. We did not see this coming in 2013, really. If you wanna support some musicians from Iceland before the quarter final kicks off, check this selection. Soundwise there's a lot more going on than just this viking chant, that you hear during the EURO 2016. And there's some pretty good offers, too. 

Jul 3, 2016


morr music

Pascal Pinon premiere '53', announce new album

'53', the first song from Pascal Pinon's new album "Sundur" (drops 19th of August on Morr Music) has just premiered via Stereogum. You can listen to "53" on Soundcloud, it is also up on iTunes & Spotify!

Jun 14, 2016


pascal pinon

Slow Steve debut 'Adventures' released!

'Adventures' is the debut album by Ex-Fenster member Rémi Letournelle. His shimmering indie pop is filled with playful guitars & bubbling vintage synths. Think of Ariel Pink, John Maus, early Future Islands, old Krautrock luminaries or even Arthur Russell - a whole school of alternative pop music that Rémi is very likely to join. 'Adventures' is more than just an application.

A video for 'Sloth' has been released already. "Adventures" is OUT NOW on LP/CD and digital via iTunes / Apple Music.

May 9, 2016


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