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morr 005 

Accelera Deck

out: 01.11.1999

Accelera Deck: Halo.Ep







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accelera deck is a twenty something american who has had a myriad of releases on various labels such as; endorphin, blackbean, rocket racer and pitchcadet, spanning formats as diverse as cd/12"/7" and even some limited edition cd-r's. he has received glowing reviews and ample radio play in the electronic music underground, yet remains relatively unknown, even after 3 singles, an ep, and 3 albums (two of which were cd-r only). one wonders if accelera deck is aiming to be as prolific as aube! on this 12" ep a new side of accelera deck appears. in the past he has used subtle guitar like textures and twinkling melodies, but here on the halo ep a.deck persues a more experimental approach. fusing elements of his last albums (echo economy) digi glitch ambience with an angular approach to his usual beat science. remixes by arovane, volvo spy, lo^coder & cda round out the 12" for a completely diverse listen. and wonderfully addition to the all ready highly recommended morr music catalog.
-Nov. 1999-


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