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some talk with sóley!

Four short questions from Lali Puna singer Valerie Trebeljahr.

In an old ABBA-song it says: 'I began to sing long before I could talk' - when did you find out about your voice?

Just recently. When i started in Seabear i started singing backing vocals. In the beginning it was really hard for me to start singing into a mic and hearing your voice very very loud, but you have to get used to it. It's weird to say, that i am a singer now but five years ago i was not.

'Blue Leaves' remembers me a bit on Cat Power, which I like a lot: Where do you take your influences from?

I love playing the piano. I really play a lot. My lyrics for my EP 'Theater Island' came from imaginations. I like to imagine stories, especially fantastic ones, that could not never happen in real life. I like to draw and i think, that it inspires me in a way, too. Other music, art and all that are inspirations as well.

Lali Puna is part of the Weilheim-scene, where everybody started to make music because it was very boring there. Is it the same in Iceland ????? except, mhh, that Iceland is of course very beautiful...?

Hehe - i wouldn't say that it's boring in Iceland, but rather that it's fun to make music ... i wouldn't like to miss it! But the art-scene in Iceland is really strong, everybody's helping each other to make everything work out. You can see the same people playing in many different bands and that's really positive.

You also play in Seabear: How do you like touring and what's it like to tour with so many people?

I love it, it's nice to travel with everybody. On tour, your band becomes your little family. Everybody takes care of everybody. Though it takes a lot of energy to tour and sometimes it's not easy - this is how we work it out.

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