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múm - Silent Film Concert

múm - Silent Film Concert

We are very excited that múm will return to Berlin to play their live score to the silent film "Menschen am Sonntag" at Radialsystem V on 17. & 18. February, 2018. Get a taste of the film + score in the trailer

The event will also celebrate the record release of a limited vinyl edition of the score, recorded live at previous UM:LAUT shows!

'Menschen am Sonntag' is a german (silent) film classic. It's a portrait of a young generation in the late 20s. These 'Sunday People' are youngsters, and – tragically –  not yet aware, they are living on the eve of fascism. Its filmic style is modernist, light and prosaic – quite opposite to the famous expressionist Weimar Cinema of the same decade. 

- Full info & tickets via UM:LAUT

- Facebook events here for for 17. February & 18. February.

Nov 22, 2017

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