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Morr Music Gold

Morr Music Gold

Today we're starting MORR MUSIC GOLD, a digital premium subscription service hosted by! And it goes like this: If you subscribe, you'll get every new Morr Music (+ sublabels) release as WAV or Mp3 from now on. You can download or stream them anywhere and of course keep them forever! Also we will deliver special pre-releases, exclusive tracks from Morr Music artists and selections from our back catalogue. Every week you'll get a new digital submission direct to your inbox. The subscription is 10 USD a month, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to. Subscribers get three recent releases immediately, a fix discount of 15% in our webshop. And the first 50 subscribers will get a special present!

Sounds fair? Get more information or subscribe here! See you inside, Goldies!

Jun 1, 2012

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