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Masha Qrella: Analogies now pre-released!

Masha Qrella: Analogies now pre-released!

Analogies is the 4th album by Masha Qrella – and her 3rd for Morr Music. Vinyl and CD are now pre-released and available from, before this record will hit the regular stores on May, 4th. "Smart post-pop from Berlin's coolest late-night Fleetwood Mac/Stereolab tinged experimentalist songwriter at it's absolute finest. Yesterday's sound of tomorrow, today." (Open Ear). Read an essay on the album by Maurice Summen, founder of the Staatsakt label and singer in 'Die Türen' here! Vinyl edition comes in a thick gatefold-cover & includes a free download. Please notice, that in may the album is available within our 'on-the-road' - special offer!

Apr 27, 2012

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