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Morr & Horst Kreuzberg start Berlin concert series!

Morr & Horst Kreuzberg start Berlin concert series!

In June it is exactly 13 years ago since the first album was released on Morr Music. In other words: 2012 is the year where Morr Music becomes a teenager, and this must of course be celebrated. During the year Morr Music, and the new baby sister, Anost Booking, will host and present a number of birthday events presenting both Morr artists, but also friends and loved ones. Back in 1999 the first contract was signed in May and of course this makes it the perfect month to kick off the events. Morr Music, Anost Booking & Horst Krzbrg is therefore proud to present Sóley & Orcas live in Berlin's Horst Kreuzberg on May, 23th, 9pm. Erik (aka Svarte Greiner/Miasmah) and Monique (running Sonic Pieces) will play some records, too!

Apr 26, 2012

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