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free ISAN mix, a show & some books (maybe)

free ISAN mix, a show & some books (maybe)

ISAN's easter present is a fine mixtape, that we are happy to present today already: You can stream it via mixcloud! It's a long-distance-ping-pong-mix by Antony & Robin, and it features Grimes, Baths, Zomby, Sugarcubes, Siouxsie & The Banshees and many case you're Scottish you can use it as a warm-up for one of the ultra-rare ISAN gigs, that will take place on Sunday at the Berkeley Suite, Glasgow!

Also ISAN contributed to a book-project by Scott Heim (who is known as the author of 'Mysterious Skin) & which is called "The First Time I Heard...". Planned are five books, in which musicians & writers talk about their first listening experiences with David Bowie, The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, The Smiths and Joy Division/New Order. Every of these artists get their own book! Well hopefully, because it's a Kickstarter-Project, and that means crowdfunding! So if you're intrested, watch the trailer and pre-order the books! Don't forget: Pre-orders are necessary, otherwise these books won't be printed!

Apr 5, 2012

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