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Berlin - denmark

Berlin - denmark

Two of our artist have been selected to take part in this year's InterSpot project at the SPOT festival in Aarhus, Denmark. The main purpose of the project is to combine Danish acts with acts from Berlin labels and this year they couldn't resist Soley and Masha Qrella. Sóley will hook up with the Danish rock duo Darkness Falls and Masha Qrella will collaborate with Dangers of the Sea. They will work together on interpreting each others tracks!

Sóley & Darkness Falls (live together)
04.05.12    @ Godsbanen / SPOT, Aarhus
05.05.12    @ Stardust Cafe, Aarhus

Sóley (live solo) 
03.05.12    @ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen
04.05.12    @ SPOT, Aarhus

Masha Qrella & Dangers of the Sea (live together)
03.05.12    @ Train, Aarhus / support for The Dø
04.05.12    @ Godsbanen / SPOT, Aarhus
05.05.12    @ Rust, Copenhagen

Apr 26, 2012

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