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please welcome: ORCAS

please welcome: ORCAS

Morr Music is more than just happy to announce the signing of ORCAS! Orcas is Benoît Pioulard & Rafael Anton Irisarri: both released pathbreaking solo works on (f.e.) Kranky, Touch and Miasmah! Now they have launched a duo, that sounds like a wedding of ambient music and traditional songform. The abstract nature of the “ambient” genre and instant gratification of the “pop” song require deft hands for successful cohabitation, thus it’s little wonder that there are so few practitioners of its delicate equilibrium. Orcas – comprised of haze-pop auteur Pioulard and post-minimalist composer Irisarri – is an imaginative return to that narrative. Here song and abstraction become one entity, condensing the spaces between to generate an arching trajectory. So if you're into Mark Hollis and the late Talk Talk, The Durutti Column, or the calmer side of Arthur Russell: here you're right!

A first song called "Carrion" is now premiered, you can stream it exclusively via Pitchfork! Orcas will release their debut album on Morr Music in February 2012! We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we do!

Nov 7, 2011

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