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Butcher the Bar's 2nd full length - now released!

Butcher the Bar's 2nd full length - now released!

'For Each A Future Tethered' is the name of the new album by British youngster Butcher the Bar. In terms of songwriting it marks big step for Joel Nicholson, and maybe this album is also a step for contemporary folkpop in general? Also the guys from  Boomkat seemed pretty impressed an enthusiastic about this one: "Elliott Smith is usually the name that comes to mind when talking about Nicholson’s songs, but this time around he sounds invigorated and fresh, and ‘For Each a Future Tethered’ is a collection of his best songs to date. There is an air of distinct Englishness about his music, and at times when Nicholson loses himself I’m reminded of Nick Drake ... There is almost an orchestral quality to Nicholson’s writing, and while he never goes into Arcade Fire territory, the lilting compositional edge bears favorable comparison to Sufjan Stevens or labelmates Seabear. ‘For Each A Future Tethered’ is a gorgeous record, and for those of you who revel in unpretentious, summer pop music I can’t think of many albums better suited to sitting out on the grass..." (

Enough said! Release is today! For Example you can get you Vinyl & CD via our webshop!

Jun 10, 2011

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