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First song from Örvar Smárasons solo record

Being a key figure in Iceland’s music with múm, the time has come for Örvar Smárason to release his 1st solo album this very May. First track 'Photoelectric' streams now, premiered via NBHAP.

Mar 7, 2018



múm live score out on ltd. 10inch!

Known for a unique blend of electronica, ambient sounds & experimental indie pop, múm has evolved into an open collective. This February múm are not only returning to Berlin to perform a live-score to the silent film classic “Menschen am Sonntag” (1930). They also present a limited edition vinyl 10inch comprising of material that was recorded during previous installments of this event. Absorbingly rich in scope and cinematic in their own right, the four tracks work just as well without their visual counterpart. 

10inch vinyl version of 'Menschen Am Sonntag (Live in Berlin)' is now shipping from (with instant download). 

Files and Streams available on iTunes/Apple Music , BandcampSpotify, elsewhere.

Feb 17, 2018


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Sóley announces new album & shares single!

Sóley is set to release her 3rd full-length on May 5th via Morr Music. Endless Summer sees the acclaimed musician from Iceland explore the more optimistic, sun-drenched corners of her songwriting. From the heavy organs, synths, and minor keys of her last album, 'Endless Summer' emerges with a kind of hopeful sweetness,

Sóley just shared the 1st single 'Never Cry Moon' – listen, enjoy, share on YouTube or Spotify, or get in on iTunes!

Feb 14, 2017


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Sin Fang, Sóley and mum's Örvar form a group!

Some spontaneous action. Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason (múm) will release a new collaboration track at the end of each month in the year 2017. This can only mean one thing, oodles of exciting new music on a regular basis. A monthly dose of subtle mayhem. The first track is out TODAY: Random Haiku Generator, is a confusing commentary on modern life. One part electronic power ballad, one part delusional fantasy. One part glass in the face. But it’s a very nice glass. Stream it on Spotify or get on iTunes / Apple Music.

Jan 27, 2017


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Space Echoes

Sin Fang`s "Space Echoes EP" is now available on streaming services or via iTunes / Apple Music. It is the bonus package to his recent album 'Spaceland' and includes a non-album track as well as three of his best songs from former releases: 'Clangour', 'Walk With You' & 'Two Boys'. These appear in re-arranged, updated versions here: fully new recorded, alternate versions in which the folky sound of the original takes is replaced by mostly electronic elements and contemporary pop sound aesthetics. The EP was released as part of the limited vinyl edition of 'Spaceland'.

Oct 28, 2016


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ISAN: full album stream!

ISAN are back! 'Glass Bird Movement' is the British duo's first album in six years & displays a strong signature: It relies just as heavily on a sonic idiosynkrasies as it does on sophisticated rhythms and throbbing basses. The album now streams via Physical copies come with an instant download via

Oct 9, 2016


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Hello Rayon

Morr Music warmly welcomes Notwist​ singer & guitarist / score composer / label head Markus Acher aka Rayon​! His new album "A Beat of Silence" will be out Nov. 11th. Check out the title track which just premiered via self-titled​ mag!

Sep 29, 2016


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Out Now: Sin Fang's Spaceland

It's happy release day to Sin Fang: Today 'Spaceland' – his new collection of electrified tunes that pack a soft punch and some invisible bling – is officially out today like everywhere f.e. digital via iTunes / Apple Music or Spotify, or on Ltd. LP (with or without bonus EP!) or CD.

Sep 16, 2016


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Pascal Pinon's Sundur is out today!

Happy Release Day, Pascal Pinon! Their 3rd album 'Sundur' is out today and availbale at your favourite record store, digital or directly from us! Enjoy!

Aug 19, 2016


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Slow Steve debut 'Adventures' released!

'Adventures' is the debut album by Ex-Fenster member Rémi Letournelle. His shimmering indie pop is filled with playful guitars & bubbling vintage synths. Think of Ariel Pink, John Maus, early Future Islands, old Krautrock luminaries or even Arthur Russell - a whole school of alternative pop music that Rémi is very likely to join. 'Adventures' is more than just an application.

A video for 'Sloth' has been released already. "Adventures" is OUT NOW on LP/CD and digital via iTunes / Apple Music.

May 9, 2016


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