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Watch Masha Qrella's new video for Keys, directed by Diana Naecke!

Mar 29, 2016


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Masha Qrella: New Album!

"Keys" shows Masha Qrella elegantly fusing disco-pop and songwriting, walking a fine line between laconic coolness and passionate uptempo melancholia. There is a new straightforwardness & Masha puts more emphasis on her voice and songwriting. Every single song on "Keys" shows an immediate and open-hearted quality. With this record, Masha Qrella creates a very distinct version of pop music, subtly reminding you of her love for Elliott Smith, Neil Young or Metronomy, but always staying true to herself. Join her on this emotional dancefloor.

Keys is out now. Order your copy from

Mar 24, 2016


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New video from Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella has a new album coming up by the end of the month & you can now watch a video for her first single!

Mar 15, 2016


masha qrella, videos, Video

Masha Qrella: Boys Don't Cry / Fishing Buddies

After recording some killer cover versions of Bryan Ferry or Frederick Loewe, Masha now sings The Cure's second hit 'Boys Don't Cry'. After more than 30 years of heavy Indie-Disco rotation, you might be sick of that song, but Mashas version is just too clever: First she adds a rhythmic Kelis-citation ('Trick Me'). This also brings (even more) gender twist here, as it may also be seen as a comment on Robert Smiths elaborated moaning. Later she simply skips that momentum, that wants to make you sing along – by freezing the song. On the flip, the guitar work of James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump) guitar adds some gentle funk to Masha's recent single 'Fishing Buddies'. There is a brandnew video for Boy's Don_t Cry, too!

7inch comes with silkscreened cover & is limited to 251 copies. Available exclusive via!

Nov 22, 2013


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dump & masha on tour

James McNew aka Dump (from yo La Tengo) will play Europe for the first time! At a few gigs, Masha Qrella will join him! We're looking forward

21.11. Leipzig - Conne Island w/ Lali Puna
23.11. Hamburg - Hasenschaukel
25.11. Berlin - Monarch w/ Masha Qrella (solo)
26.11. Hannover - Galeria Lunar w/Masha Qrella (solo)
27.11. Köln - King Georg w/ Ed Askew
28.11. Düsseldorf - Kassette 
29.11. Göttingen - Pools w/ Masha Qrella (solo)
30.11. Utrecht (NL) - Le Guess Who Festival

Oct 29, 2013


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 Masha Qrella en route southeast europe!

Masha Qrella just returned from touring Japan. Please check the video they did while waiting for the train! Now everything is packed and tomorrow Masha, Robert & Sebastian hit the road again – direction southeast europe! Please see al dates here.

Dec 3, 2012


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Msha Qrella has arrived in Japan! Join her:

    2012-11-20 Kyoto (JP) — Urbangulid
    2012-11-22 Kanazawa (JP) — 21st Century Art Museum
    2012-11-22 Kanazawa (JP) — 21st Century Art Museum
    2012-11-23 Nagoya (JP) — St. Mark's Church
    2012-11-24 Tokyo (JP) — O-NEST

Nov 19, 2012


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watch Masha in a superclassic feature produced by national television. 

Sep 25, 2012


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MASH UP! At Berlin Music Week 2012 featuring Fenster, Masha Qrella, Dangers Of The Sea & Darkness Falls

MASH UP! at Berlin Music Week 2012:
presented by Nordic by Nature, VUT, MXD, ROSA, Spot Festival
You might remember that Masha Qrella collaborated with danish Dangers Of The Sea and Sóley worked together with Darkness Falls at this year's SPOT festival in Aarhus.
On Friday the 7th of September we´ll have this great project in Berlin at Lido for Berlin Music Week.
Unfortunatly Sóley is not able to join the Mash Up night , but we´re happy to tell that the Fenster gang jumped in.
So we´ll have shows by Fenster & Darkness Falls. The Mash Up Part will be covered by Masha Qrella vs Dangers of The Sea.
Come by!

Sep 5, 2012


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a mixtape

Rote Raupe's new mixtape features Fenster, It's A Musical & Masha Qrella! Get it here!

Jul 23, 2012


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