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Morr at Airwaves

 Morr Music artists at the upcoming edition of Iceland Airwaves:

Wed Nov: 5
16:00 Sóley - Kex Hostel
23:30 Sin Fang - Harpa Silfurberg
00:10 FM Belfast  - Gamla Bió

Thu Nov. 6
16:30 Sóley - Laudromat
17:00 Óbó - Kaffibarin
19:30 FM Belfast - Kex Hostel
21:00 Sin Fang - Reykjavik Art Museum

Fri Nov. 7
17:00 Sóley - Bravo
17:30 Sin Fang - Bió Paradis
19:30 Sin Fang - JÖR
20:00 Kira Kira - Harpa Nordurljós
17:00 Morr Music Label Showcase - Mengi
          (with Óbó & Sóley & Sin Fang)
00:30 FM Belfast - Harpa Silfurberg

Sat Nov. 8
18:00 Sin Fang - Laundromat
20:00 Óbó - Frikirkjan
22.00 Sóley - Frikirkjan
22:00 Radical Face - Harpa Nordurljós

Oct 21, 2014


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Kira Kira album release party!

On July, 8th Kira Kira is going to clelebrate her new album 'Feathermagnetik' (just released on our sublabel 'sound of a handshake') at Radialsytem in Berlin with a live performance. She will be supported on stage by Samuli Kosminen and Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson! This is going to be a big night!

Jun 20, 2012


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Feathermagnetik is out now!

Kira Kira's 'Feathermagnetik' is the third full-length of Icelandic composer and audio/visual artist Kristin Björk Kristjansdottir. This is a great and very Icelandic ambiance experimentation with a lot of guest appereances (for example by the Bedroom Community crew). A majestic macrocosm and a real shapeshifter as well. 'Feathermagnetik' will be released on our sublabel 'Sound Of A Handshake' on June, 1st, but it's already available via!

May 26, 2012

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Kira Kira!

Kira Kira is the alias of Icelandic composer and audio/visual artist Kristin Björk Kristjansdottir. Her new album "Feathermafnetik' will be out on our sublabel 'Sound Of A Handshake' in June. There will be a video for every of it's tracks. You can now see the first one!

Apr 25, 2012


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