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Morr at Airwaves

 Morr Music artists at the upcoming edition of Iceland Airwaves:

Wed Nov: 5
16:00 Sóley - Kex Hostel
23:30 Sin Fang - Harpa Silfurberg
00:10 FM Belfast  - Gamla Bió

Thu Nov. 6
16:30 Sóley - Laudromat
17:00 Óbó - Kaffibarin
19:30 FM Belfast - Kex Hostel
21:00 Sin Fang - Reykjavik Art Museum

Fri Nov. 7
17:00 Sóley - Bravo
17:30 Sin Fang - Bió Paradis
19:30 Sin Fang - JÖR
20:00 Kira Kira - Harpa Nordurljós
17:00 Morr Music Label Showcase - Mengi
          (with Óbó & Sóley & Sin Fang)
00:30 FM Belfast - Harpa Silfurberg

Sat Nov. 8
18:00 Sin Fang - Laundromat
20:00 Óbó - Frikirkjan
22.00 Sóley - Frikirkjan
22:00 Radical Face - Harpa Nordurljós

Oct 21, 2014


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Morr Music at Iceland Airwaves Festival

This years edition of Iceland Airwaves Festival will see a special Morr Music night on the 31st of October at Idnó! Confirmed for the evening are Sóley, Sin Fang, FM Belfast & Pascal Pinon! So If you are in Reykjavik, you'll need a good reason not to come. If you have one: the bands are also playing single shows within the festival...we'll let you know about more shows and details soon!

Morr Music Label Night
(Sóley, Sin Fang, FM Belfast, Pascal Pinon and Prins Póló)
31/10 - Idnó

01/11 @ Reykjavik Art Museum

Sin Fang
03/11 @ Reykjavik Art Museum

Fm Belfast
02/11 @ Harpa Silfurberg

Kira Kira
03/11 @ Idnó

02/11 @ ÞÝSKI BARINN / Deutsche Bar

Sep 19, 2012


sóley, pascal pinon, Sin Fang, FM Belfast, iceland airwaves

morr music at iceland airwaves festival

This  week, we're at one of the finest festivals ever: Iceland Airwaves takes place at locations all over Reykjavík! We have scheduled a Morr Music afternoon – coming up in an off-venue on October, 13th (at Hresso's). This is not an official festival event, so you can also drop by if you don't have a festival-ticket:

Morr Music Label Afternoon
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Hresso (an 'Airwaves Festival Afternoon' with Borko (15h), Sóley (16h), Pascal Pinon(17h) and Sin Fang (18h))

...and these are all other dates by Morr music artists performing within the festival. please check the festival homepage for all infos about venues & full lineup! See you at the blue lagoon!

Borko @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Reykjavik Art Museum (Official Airwaves show 20:00h)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Bakkus (Gogoyoko off venue program 21:00h )
16.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (KEX/KEXP/KIMI off venue program 20:30h)

Pascal Pinon @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (21:40h @ Harpa Kaldalón)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (@ Vesturbæjarlaug at 18.00 h)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (20:00h @ Glaumbar)

Sóley @Airwaves
11.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (You Are In Control Showcase. 21h)
11.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (KEXP Radio Session. 12h.)
12.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Harpa, Kaldalón Hall (Airwaves Festival Showcase. 22.30h)
14.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Eymundsson Skólavödustíg (17.30h)

Sin Fang @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (23:20h @ Iðnó)

Oct 10, 2011


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