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free EP by FS Blumm

FS Blumm recorded four mesmerizing covers with Lucretia Dalt. They are now released as a free EP on the netlabel 'La Bél' (...listen or download here!) - With his Quasi Dub Development-Project, FS Blumm will play a some shows in Germany in August & September! Check the details here!

Jul 25, 2011


fs blumm, live

31 songs for Japan

While in the western media Fukushima & the tsunami haven been displaced by certain going-on's in Pakistan, the consequences of the Japanese disaster are still apparent. Help is still needed. You can make a humble contribution by purchasing '31 songs for Japan'- a benefit sampler released by Flau (release date is March, 11th!), that features also some Morr Music artists like FS Blumm, ISAN, Wechsel Garland........

May 10, 2011


isan, fs blumm

Tape-Release by FS Blumm!

FS Blumm has released a lovely tape on Poprebob Records. You can listen to it here! (and of course order it there, too.)

Aug 30, 2010


fs blumm

now pre-released: Bobby & Blumm

the new record 'A Little Big' by Bobby & Blumm (aka FS Blumm & Bobby Baby from It's A Musical - to introduce thmeselves, they interviewed each other here) will be released on our sublabel Sound Of A Handshake next week - and it is now pre-released on our webshop!

Apr 7, 2010


bobby & blumm, fs blumm

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