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Spirit Fest Video Premiere

'Spirit Fest' is an impromptu supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo Tenniscoats. Featuring members of Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno.

The first video "Hitori Matsuri" debuted today via Musikexpress and they'll release a debut album later this year! 

You can also catch the new track on Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music.

Aug 16, 2017


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Lali Puna: New video

In anticipation of Lali Puna's upcoming album 'Two Windows' (out September 8) comes the second single 'The Bucket'. Released this week, the new music video can be watched on YouTube. You can also find the single via iTunes or Spotify.

Jul 26, 2017


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Lali Puna: New Single

Lali Puna have a new single & video "Deep Dream" out now! It's the first glance into the upcoming album "Two Windows" – to be released in September – their first since 2010's "Our Inventions". Watch the new video for "Deep Dream" & take a listen on SpotifyiTunes & Apple Music now. 

Jun 1, 2017


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New video up from Dieter von Deurne

Dieter von Deurne & the Politic's first single 'I'm on Trial' is out now! Check out the new video, and take a listen on SpotifyiTunes & Apple Music now. 

Apr 26, 2017


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sóley drops new single + video

Today, Sóley's premiered her next single. 'Grow' is another foretaste of her 3rd album 'Endless Summer', which will explore the more optimistic, sun-drenched corners of her songwriting. The song is now available from iTunes. The video can be watched here.

Mar 21, 2017


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Parley Glove by ISAN

ISAN have a new video for 'Parley Glove', directed by CHAN King Lam, MUI Cheuk Lam & TEO Qi Yu. Enjoy.

Dec 13, 2016


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Think Erik Satie with a WiFi connection

Flood Magazine just premiered a new video for Rayon aka Markus Acher, directed by Anton Kaun. Kaun, who runs a harsh noise project finds a more peaceful tonality in his visual works. In the words of the Flood Mag: "The video clip matches the nostalgic tone, looping together grainy footage of the countryside and wandering tourists before descending into soft, digitized abstraction, much like the song itself; think Erik Satie with a WiFi connection." You can watch the whole thing here

Nov 15, 2016


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Orange 2

Pascal Pinon premiered a new video today. 'Orange' shows a choreography by Heba Eir Kjeld, directed by Magnus Andersen. Watch it here.

Sep 13, 2016


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Sin Fang reveals 'Candyland' video

Sin Fang has just revealed 'Candyland' (feat. Jónsi) via Stereogum. It's the first video from his upcoming album 'Spaceland'. Taking a cue from the main lyrical theme of the album - "self-therapy after having panic attacks" - director Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir is working with abstract interpretations of the physical effects that anxiety can produce – and puts them in a virtual candy environment. 

Jul 20, 2016


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i smell a rat

Watch Masha Qrella's new video for Keys, directed by Diana Naecke!

Mar 29, 2016


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