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Obeserving Systems are back...

...and this is not about Edward Snowden, but about the Tied & Tickled Trio. There's a vinyl repress of 'Observing Systems', originally released in 2003 and still sparkling in our backcatalogue. You can get it here.

Jun 27, 2013


Tied & Tickled Trio, releases

TTT live!

Tied & Tickled Trio and Billy Hart will play 4 shows next week. 16 musicians on stage peforming "la place demon" and more. We're already very excited about this!

2011-05-30 Munich (DE) — Volkstheater 

2011-05-31 Mannheim (DE) — Alte Feuerwache 

2011-06-01 Leipzig (DE) — Centraltheater
2011-06-02 Berlin (DE) — HAU 1

May 27, 2011


Tied & Tickled Trio, live

look what appeared on the web!

from the TTT debut album, back in 1997...

Apr 6, 2011


Tied & Tickled Trio

Out now: La Place Demon by TTT!

Finally the new album by Tied & Tickled Trio feat. Billy Hart is released! La Place Demon is by the way our 100th release! A worthy one! A Masterpiece! Get soundsamples and more infos here!

Apr 1, 2011


Tied & Tickled Trio

Morr Music Showcase

There's a small label showcase this Friday at Bucharests Front Club! If you are around, come along and see B.Fleischmann, Populous & Andreas Gerth (Tied&Tickled Trio)!

Apr 7, 2010


b.fleischmann, morr music, populous, Tied & Tickled Trio

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