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The monthly release project of Sóley / Sin Fang / Örvar Smárason continues with the track "Slowly"! Keep up each month by following our Spotify playlist as it continues to grow throughout the year. 

May 30, 2017


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Sóley / Sin Fang / Örvar Smárason

Sóley / Sin Fang / Örvar Smárason continue releasing a new track each month. The new track "Black Screen" has been added to the growing playlist, be sure to follow our Spotify playlist so you don't miss out!

May 3, 2017


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Sin Fang, sóley & Örvar Smárason feel wasted this month. Subscribe to their Spotify playlist and you won't miss one of their new songs (they drop a new one every month). 

Mar 31, 2017


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Love Will Leave You Cold

Pretty exactly one month ago, Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar (from múm) announced to release a new track at the end of each month - for the rest of this year. Now here's track #2 called "Love Will Leave You Cold". So sad! 

Feb 24, 2017


múm, sóley, Sin Fang

Sin Fang, Sóley and mum's Örvar form a group!

Some spontaneous action. Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason (múm) will release a new collaboration track at the end of each month in the year 2017. This can only mean one thing, oodles of exciting new music on a regular basis. A monthly dose of subtle mayhem. The first track is out TODAY: Random Haiku Generator, is a confusing commentary on modern life. One part electronic power ballad, one part delusional fantasy. One part glass in the face. But it’s a very nice glass. Stream it on Spotify or get on iTunes / Apple Music.

Jan 27, 2017


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MM @Iceland

As every year we are off to Iceland Airwaves to see múm, Sóley, Sin Fang, Mikael Lind and JFDR from Pascal Pinon. Please see the whole schedule here – and join us if u r around.  

Nov 1, 2016


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Space Echoes

Sin Fang`s "Space Echoes EP" is now available on streaming services or via iTunes / Apple Music. It is the bonus package to his recent album 'Spaceland' and includes a non-album track as well as three of his best songs from former releases: 'Clangour', 'Walk With You' & 'Two Boys'. These appear in re-arranged, updated versions here: fully new recorded, alternate versions in which the folky sound of the original takes is replaced by mostly electronic elements and contemporary pop sound aesthetics. The EP was released as part of the limited vinyl edition of 'Spaceland'.

Oct 28, 2016


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Out Now: Sin Fang's Spaceland

It's happy release day to Sin Fang: Today 'Spaceland' – his new collection of electrified tunes that pack a soft punch and some invisible bling – is officially out today like everywhere f.e. digital via iTunes / Apple Music or Spotify, or on Ltd. LP (with or without bonus EP!) or CD.

Sep 16, 2016


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Sin Fang reveals 'Candyland' video

Sin Fang has just revealed 'Candyland' (feat. Jónsi) via Stereogum. It's the first video from his upcoming album 'Spaceland'. Taking a cue from the main lyrical theme of the album - "self-therapy after having panic attacks" - director Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir is working with abstract interpretations of the physical effects that anxiety can produce – and puts them in a virtual candy environment. 

Jul 20, 2016


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