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Morr at Airwaves

 Morr Music artists at the upcoming edition of Iceland Airwaves:

Wed Nov: 5
16:00 Sóley - Kex Hostel
23:30 Sin Fang - Harpa Silfurberg
00:10 FM Belfast  - Gamla Bió

Thu Nov. 6
16:30 Sóley - Laudromat
17:00 Óbó - Kaffibarin
19:30 FM Belfast - Kex Hostel
21:00 Sin Fang - Reykjavik Art Museum

Fri Nov. 7
17:00 Sóley - Bravo
17:30 Sin Fang - Bió Paradis
19:30 Sin Fang - JÖR
20:00 Kira Kira - Harpa Nordurljós
17:00 Morr Music Label Showcase - Mengi
          (with Óbó & Sóley & Sin Fang)
00:30 FM Belfast - Harpa Silfurberg

Sat Nov. 8
18:00 Sin Fang - Laundromat
20:00 Óbó - Frikirkjan
22.00 Sóley - Frikirkjan
22:00 Radical Face - Harpa Nordurljós

Oct 21, 2014


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Fm Belfast's Singles Club

'We Are Faster Than You', the latest single by FM Belfast comes now bundled in a digital best-of-compilation. You can get FMB's gretatest hits via Itunes & it's out now!

Nov 19, 2013


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FM Belfast share new song

Start your weekend with the the free download of FM Belfast's new song 'We Are Faster Than You' can get it on their Soundcloud! 

Jul 19, 2013


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FM Belfast: Big Time!

More than happy to get you prepared for the festival season by announcing that FM Belfast confirmed to play these german festivals:

22.06.2013 — Neuhausen … Ob Eck (DE) — Southside Festival
23.06.2013 — Scheessel (DE) — Hurricane
29.06.2013 — Düsseldorf (DE) — Open Source Festival

Mar 20, 2013


FM Belfast

Yes, we are at Iceland Airwaves....

...and as so many of our artists are playing so many shows, we have created a punchcard. Every visitor can get this card at the Festival (at one of our artists's shows). Get our card punched on every Morr-related show....and if you collected ten punches in the end, you can win a Morr Music Gold-Membership or 50 EUR gift vouchers for our webshop! Here's all shows:

Wednesday, Oct, 31st
13.00 / Sóley @ Kex, Skulagata 28
18.00 / "Breaking News" visual performance w. live music & soundscape by Sóley, Kúlan, Lindargata 7
19.00 / Morr Music presents: KF MJöóm Football Club plays Fálkarnir, Leiknisvöllur
20.30 / FM Belfast @ Kex, Skulagata 28
20.50 / Pascal Pinon @ Idnó, Vonarstraeti 3 (Morr Music Label Showcase)
21.40 / Sóley @ Idnó, Vonarstraeti 3 (Morr Music Label Showcase)
23.20 / Sin Fang @ Idnó, Vonarstraeti 3 (Morr Music Label Showcase)
00.10 / FM Belfast @ Idnó, Vonarstraeti 3 (Morr Music Label Showcase)

Thursday, Nov, 1st
14.00 / Benni Hemm Hemm @ Restaurant Reykjavik, Vesturgata 2
17.00 / Pascal Pinon @ Inspired By Iceland,  The Smallest Iceland Airwaves Off-Venue, Ingólfstorg
17.00 / Apfelsin Bros exhibition at Restaurant Reykjavik, Vesturgata 2
18.00 / "Breaking News" visual performance w. live music & soundscape by Sóley, Kúlan, Lindargata 7
18.00 / Pascal Pinon @ Mánabar, Hverfisgata 20
22.00 / Sóley @ Reykjavik Art Museum, Tryggvagata 17

Friday, Nov, 2nd
14.00 / Borko @ Restaurant Reykjavik, Vesturgata 2
16.00 / Pascal Pinon @ Kolabrautin, Hörpu, Austurbakki 2
18.00 / Sóley @ Restaurant Reykjavik, Vesturgata 2
20.30 / Sin Fang @ Kex, Skulagata 28
01.00 / FM Belfast @ Harpa Silfurberg, Austurbakki 2

Saturday, November, 3rd
17.00 / Borko @ Kex, Skulagata 28
17.00 / Sóley @ Inspired By Iceland,  The Smallest Iceland Airwaves Off-Venue, Ingólfstorg
21.10 / Benni Hemm Hemm @ Harpa Silfurberg, Austurbakki 2
21.40 / Kira Kira @ Harpa Kaldalón, Austurbakki 2
22.00 / Sin Fang @ Reykjavik Art Museum, Tryggvagata 17

Sunday, November, 4th
16.00 / Benni Hemm Hemm @ Kex, Skulagata 28

Oct 27, 2012


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Morr Music at Iceland Airwaves Festival

This years edition of Iceland Airwaves Festival will see a special Morr Music night on the 31st of October at Idnó! Confirmed for the evening are Sóley, Sin Fang, FM Belfast & Pascal Pinon! So If you are in Reykjavik, you'll need a good reason not to come. If you have one: the bands are also playing single shows within the festival...we'll let you know about more shows and details soon!

Morr Music Label Night
(Sóley, Sin Fang, FM Belfast, Pascal Pinon and Prins Póló)
31/10 - Idnó

01/11 @ Reykjavik Art Museum

Sin Fang
03/11 @ Reykjavik Art Museum

Fm Belfast
02/11 @ Harpa Silfurberg

Kira Kira
03/11 @ Idnó

02/11 @ ÞÝSKI BARINN / Deutsche Bar

Sep 19, 2012


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DeLorean Video & digital release

FM Belfast have premiered a new video for their digital single "DeLorean"! In the video the band spares no expense of taking people through a journey of unforeseen territories in time and space – almost as if they were taking a ride on Marty McFly's and Doc Brown's own DeLorean. Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson explains how the song came to be: "I was trying to finish building my first working synthesizer that made more than just uncontrollable noises. When the synth was done I immediately had to record something. The first thing that came out is the beginning of the song." "DeLorean" is now released as digital 7inch!

Jun 22, 2012


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Delorean: first remix for the new FM Belfast single!

Did you know that the DeLorean sports car was manufactured in Belfast? Did you know that FM Belfast’s brand new single will be called Delorean? Did you know that FM Belfast do not originate from Belfast but from Reykjavik? As acclaimed british actor Sir Michael Caine would put it: “Not many people know that.” Delorean is the kicking result from the enthusiastic usage of new hardware. But before the single itself will be released later in June, here's a first remix of Delorean. Produced by Plúseinn! Enjoy!

May 25, 2012


FM Belfast, remix

stripes and comic strips

FM Belfast's Stripes-video is now online! Btw: Did you know, that Fm Belfast's singer Loa works as an illustrator? Some of her works will be exhibited at the Caricatura in Kassel from June til September. So if you visit documenta 13, you should plan a little side trip.... some of their works are on flickr.

May 9, 2012


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special offer

Only in May, you'll get a special discount at on every product related to our artists, that are on the road right now. The deal goes like this: Choose at least 2 itmes and get 20% off at the checkout! Discount on everything by Orcas, Sóley, Masha Qrella, Fenster, Sin Fang, B.Fleischmann, Butcher The Bar, The Clean, It's A Musical & FM Belfast! 

     For all of their tourdates click here!

May 1, 2012

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