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a number of small things

Two songs, sometimes three. The beginning of A number of small things - the seven-inch-series of the morr music family - was a promise on loan: a wonderful song by the splendid band Múm: "There's a number of small things". The fewest of the anost-releases are taken directly from a morr music album or even the production process of a morr music album. They are independent short-stories or tell of a passion for someone else's songs. A big deal after all.

morr music

Morr Music merges electronic and indie musical disciplines, so that many consider the label to have invented its own genre. It's roster is certainly a testament to this fact - the likes of Sin Fang, Sóley, Lali Puna, Múm, Isan, Orcas, Fenster, Masha Qrella, Tarwater, FM Belfast, Pascal Pinon, Butcher The Bar, Telekinesis, Opiate, Tied & Tickled Trio, Radical Facem and B.Fleischmann making for an impeccable roster. With more than 120 albums in its catalogue, Morr Music is a label that truly has something for everyone.

sound of a handshake

The Sound of a Handshake, a soft, friendly noise. A handshake comes at the end of deals of those who part as friends. Shake your hands and say yeah, so to speak. A gesture of familiarity. The Sound of a Handshake is Morr Music's little, curious sister. It will care for little, curious sound-carriers. Care for the projects - not only from Morr Music - done on the side, in-between and in addition to others. One could name The Sound of a Handshake - equally as the go-getting seven-inch-series A Number of Small Things - a free-section. The Sound of a Handshake is worth keeping your ears wide open. I give you my hand on that.


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