The American Analog Set

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The American Analog Set

The Austin, Texas-based drone-pop quartet the American Analog Set evolved from the ashes of Dallas' Electric Company in 1994. After Electric Company's demise, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Kenny, keyboardist Lisa Roschmann, and drummer Mark Smith reunited to cut a number of impromptu four-track recordings which ultimately led to their decision to re-form as a group; after the addition of bassist Lee Gillespie, the quartet renamed themselves the American Analog Set and soon played their first live performance. After just their second gig, the band earned a deal with the area label Emperor Jones (a subsidiary of Butthole Surfer King Coffey's label Trance Syndicate) and issued their debut single, "Diana Slowburner II." Their first full-length effort, the low-key The Fun of Watching Fireworks, followed in 1996. In 2005 the band released their last album on Morr Music.


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