five questions for telekinesis

Five short questions from Andrea Mangia also known as Populous to Michael Lerner of Telekinesis. The answers are even shorter.

1) Please, introduce yourself by letting us know what would you be if you were: a painting / a season / a historical character / a colour / a model of shoe

If I were a painting, I would be 'In Bed' by Toulouse-Lautrec. If I were a season, I would be Fall. If I were a historical character, I would be Thomas Edison. If I were a colour, I would be pink. If I were a model of shoe, I would be Vans Authentic in all black.



2) If you really could handle telekinesis which thing you'd move more often? I'm thinking about the toilet bowl lid or my cup of tea when I'm lying down on the couch?

I would move the stick shift on my car when there is heavy traffic.

3) Why so many people enjoy staying in bed when it's raining outside?

Because it's absolutely, totally, and completely cozy. There is nothing more lovely than waking up to rain, on a day off from work.

4) You are one of the most brilliant and cool songwriters I listened to in years and a drummer too, so I won't ask you your own favourite songwriter but I'd rather like to know your favourite drummer. I love Earl Palmer...

Thank you so much! I am totally smitten with John Bonham. He was incredibly inventive, and he also hit the drums as they are mean't to be hit. Hard! That's a philosophy I prescribe to myself.

5) When I was in lower secondary school my main occupation was scribbling the sub pop logo all over my exercise books. What about you? What were you scrawling around?

I was probably writing RADIOHEAD all over my notebooks. I was obsessed! i was also probably writing NICOLE GRIFFIN. I was obsessed!


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