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A Heart Without A Mind

out: 10.03.2003

Styrofoam: A Heart Without A Mind







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A Heart Without A Mind

oh well, a radio mix. from indietronics to corporate rock, then? not at all! it’s only altruism and our hope, that things will change for the better. “a heart without a mind” is exemplary for styrofoam’s new album “i’m what’s there to show that something’s missing”, due in early april. It marks arne van petegem’s turning away from already quit song oriented productions towards a yet more classic songwriting oozing with subtle gestures, but profound emotions. This record could easily be a good friend.
The live version of “fade out your eyes” (the original has been released on the “blue skied an’ clear” compilation) exemplarily reflects an aspect of styrofoam as a live act. “just sit down and improvise, hand it over to the mastering engineer and cut it on the record. no editing, no detailed inspection, no second thoughts. just bang it out and it's there.“ In this case, he banged it out of dubplates & mastering’s coffee kitchen while rashad was mastering his album.
Finally, the coverversions of codeine’s „hard to find“ (remember the subpop-band, for which the ‚sadcore’ drawer has been opened?) and the mountain goats’ „snow crush killing song“ (remember the great john darnielle without whom lo-fi never would have happened?) are exemplary for a kind of songwriting, styrofoam feels connected to: „i think these are songs that - according to my interpretation - are trying to put across the same things more or less as the ones on my album, both lyrically and musically.“


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