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The Point Misser

out: 11.07.2000

Styrofoam: The Point Misser







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The Point Misser

Maybe it's because of track titles like `Words Never Spoken' or `Heaven Is Burning', but I guess it has got more to do with the music and its magic hitting you like a kiss. Styrofoam's `The Point-Misser' makes you feel at ease, even at home. Inspired by a novel called 'The Sea Came In At Dawn' by Steve Erickson, Arne van Petegem's (famous for his work as `Tin Foil Star') does not care about writing a soundtrack for our oh-so modern times. Or maybe he does and the result does just not match your expectations. Leaving behind the obvious clicheé's of modern electronic music, especially the DSP-madness spreading like a virus among musicians around the world, Styrofoam concentrates on how catchy, deep and, at the same time, overwhelming a little melody can be. It can make you cry and smile at the very time. It can even make you burst into tears - good tears, though. Tears giving you new strength and hope to look for new ways of coping with your day-to-day life. Styrofoam bombardes you with feelings, emotions and snippets straight from the soul. Like in Erickson's novel, it is "time for a personal act of revolt. time to throw your oh-so-highly intellectualized sense of chaos into a true chaos of the heart and senses." Too right. And with Arne van Petegem's new album, the revolt is on its way.


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