Sin Fang

morr 150-1 

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason
Random Haiku Generator

out: 27.01.2017

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason: Random Haiku Generator







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Random Haiku Generator

Three of Reykjavík’s most prolific and creative musicians have joined hands on a spontaneous new project. Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason (múm, FM Belfast) will be releasing a new collaboration track at the end of each month in the year 2017. This can only mean one thing, oodles of exciting new music on a regular basis. A monthly dose of subtle mayhem. These twelve monthly tracks will then be collected and released as a physical album in December 2017 or whichever format will be fashionable then.

The first track, Random Haiku Generator, is a confusing commentary on modern life. One part electronic power ballad, one part delusional fantasy. One part glass in the face. But it’s a very nice glass.


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