Sin Fang

Morr 151 EP 

Sin Fang
Space Echoes

out: 28.10.2016

Sin Fang: Space Echoes







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Space Echoes

The 'Space Echoes EP' is the bonus pack to Sin Fang's new record. It includes a non-album track from the recording sessions that led to 'Spaceland', as well as three of his best songs from former releases: 'Clangour', 'Walk With You' & 'Two Boys'. These appear in re-arranged, updated versions here & these are not remixes, but fully new recorded, alternate versions in which the folky sound of the original takes is replaced by mostly electronic elements and contemporary pop sound aesthetics. There has been an actual necessity for the abandonment of all analogue sources: When Sin Fang was asked to open a few shows for the band múm, there was only one spot left in their tour bus, so Sin Fang could not bring his band. The result was the production of these pieces: Sin Fang 2.0.


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