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Breathes The Best

out: 13.10.2006

Populous: Breathes The Best







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Breathes The Best

Music from on the road. Three new tracks from Andrea Mangia, on the Morr-map known as Populous. Friends of Morr Music - and friends of passionate music between abstract Electronica, instrumental HipHop and a clever pop-neighbourhood - are familiar with him at least by his second album “Queue for Love” that was released last year on Morr Music. A twenty-something from Lecce, Italy, with a biography full of electric guitars and hard disks, full of A Tribe called Quest-albums and Technics-turntables. There are no borders between song and track, between analogue and digital, between the directness of here and now and the able and emphatic reprise of the sound-archives.
Whereas “Queue for Love” enlarged the abstract-electronic foundation of Populous` debut album “Quipo” with reference points such as jazz, space, songwriting and soul (as attitude AND sound-reference), „Breathes the Best“ learns to stand on one's own two feet, finally free of drawers and expectations. From here on everything is possible.
„Breathes the Best” is a digital pop-song with body (in the sense of space to breath) and soul. A musical flow, congenially taken up by singer/MC short stories (aka Michael McGuire). A hit, concisely. “Bon Bon Pour les Rappers“ begins as a game of soundscapes, absorbed by Populous' earliest passion: a nonchalant rhythm pattern. „Blood Red Bird“ finally is a cover version over the edge. The Smog-classic, played by Giardini Di Miro - friends of Andrea Mangia for many years - and mixed, added and rearranged by Populous. Melancholy, indulging, rapt and at the same time close to your ear.


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