24 year old Andrea Mangia comes from the italian province. Strictly speaking, he's from Sogliano Cavour, a small town in South-Apulia, an area which might be better known as the italian boot's high heel. Aged 12 or 13, Andrea discovers the then extremely popular noise rock label Amphetamine Reptile from Minneapolis. Bands like Helmet and Unsane are among his early heroes. Unsurprisingly, Andrea wants to play the guitar! Unfortunately, Mangia cannot find any bandmates. Before loneliness could damage the teenager's psyche irreversibly, the following string of events changes Andrea's life for the better: he buys Orbital's "Snivilisation", a keyboard and Tortoise's "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". He programmes the keyboard sequencer playing along on his guitar and then gets hold of a few Autechre cd's. He sells his keyboard and guitar immediately in order to buy a computer.
Using the pc, Andrea starts organising and fusing his musical influences. Rock gradually falls into oblivion, making room for hiphop and a subtle sensitivity regarding pop mechanics. After a while Mangia's music moulds into a precise and reduced version of abstract electronica owing Andrea's faves A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan as much on the one hand as it does to Phoenecia or Phonem on the other.
At the beginning of 2001, Populous dispatches exactly two demo cd's. One slips into a pile of demos on Thomas Morr's desk. The music strikes a familiar chord with Mr. Morr, reminding him of early Opiate and Boards of Canada. But what impresses him even more is the distinct and positively simple musical expression, which Populous' compositions exude. Over the course of two years, a constant exchange between the italian province and the german capital helps shaping what eventually becomes Andrea's first release ever, the album "Quipo".
After having released his debut, Andrea moved to Lecce in the Italian province of Salento in order to study music history. Salento is informally known as "Italia's Jamaica", as Reggae and its according culture of dancehalls and soundsystems is extremely popular there.
Examining music from Debussy to Coltrane academically on the one hand and experiencing the sub bass fueled Reggae vibes of his private environment on the other, add up to the general mood, in which Populous takes up work on his sophomore album, which is going to be released as "Queue For Love" on Morr Music at the beginning of 2005.


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