Winter 2002:
Elliott Perkins aka Phonem hails from Southwest England, but now resides in Leipzig, Germany. Inspired by his studies in linguistics at university, Perkins named Phonem after "phoneme" the smallest unit of speech. (Perkins is known to use incredibly short vocal samples in his works.) He's released two full-lengths on Morr Music as well as the collaboration "Aer (Valid)" with Arovane on the british Vertical Form imprint, following his debut on Jetlag Recordings. Furthermore Perkins belongs to the Beta Bodega collective for which he mainly has produced as Spike.
Although Phonem draws influence from Spacemen 3 and Main, it would be impossible to write about him without a tip of the hat to Autechre, whose "Tri Reptae" Phonem cites as the album which initially drew him to electronic music.
Being the politically engaged person Elliott is, he always tries to convey issues he feels strongly about. "Ilisu", Phonem's latest album for Morr Music, for example deals with the controversial turkish dam building project and apart from giving this album a suitable title it also reflects his political viewpoints. In this case, Perkins has written extensive liner notes on the both social and political implications of building Ilisu.
Lately, Phonem has come to feel limited and frustrated by "making music only". Thus, he decided to cease production of his previous work in order to undertake more politically engaged work, of which the Futuresonic <02> migrations project "Eurodac Express" conceived by internationally renowned photographer Shahidul Alam is the first. More information on the project can be found at More information on Shahidul Alam and his activist group DRIK can be found at


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