Pascal Pinon


Pascal Pinon
Party Wolves

out: 31.08.2012

Pascal Pinon: Party Wolves







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Party Wolves

When Pascal Pinon released their self titled debut album in 2010, the Icelandic twin sisters Jófrídur and Ásthildu becharmed the critics as well as their audiences all over the world. They even played Japan, which is the only country in which 'Party Wolves' has seen a proper release. Until now, that is. The featured tracks are just too good to not make them available to a bigger public. 'Party Wolves' might be a perfect supplement to their debut album: acoustic & dreamy songs, that leave a lot of space for their unmistakeable voclas. If you like so, call them cute. But be sure: Even if still incredible young, Pascal Pinon have grown in the meantime. Their upcoming album, which they are about to finish, will show another side of Pascal Pinon.


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