Mikael Lind

morr 143-ep 

Mikael Lind
Intentions and Variations

out: 08.04.2016

Mikael Lind: Intentions and Variations







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Intentions and Variations

Intentions and Variations is composer Mikael Lind's most ambient work to date, absent of beats, filled with soundscapes and sound manipulation. Weightless music that may make you think of Christopher Bissonette, Deaf Center or Stephen Mathieu. Lind's tracks are based on simple themes – often performed by a piano or a viola – but his compositions gradually evolve into more complex creations and mature textures by letting electronically manipulated sounds interact. As in Lind's previous releases, these five sonic explorations are more comforting than agitating. But make no mistake: underneath their beautiful surface, threatening forces constantly loom, waiting to be unleashed: In 'Unyielding Rocks' the shimmering sounds are almost drowned in a wall of droning distortions. But those multi-layered elements never fully negate the solemn aspect of Lind's music, or, as he puts it: "Complexity is a wonderful thing, but should never be an end in itself." Mikael Lind is a composer of experimental ambient music, currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland. 'Intentions and Variations' is his debut for Morr Music.


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