Masha Qrella

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Masha Qrella

out: 01.10.2002

Masha Qrella: Luck







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Lucky you!
It's here now, totally out of the blue: The first solo-album titled Luck by Masha Qrella, the Contriva guitarist/bass player and Mina keyboarder. Masha put the record together in secret. After she had finished the recordings completely, she dropped first some hints about her project and finally slipped a handful of burned cds into friend`s cd-players.
But although this publication has been a surprise, many people may have been waiting and hoping for it secretly: the tracks of the two instrumental bands that Masha Qrella participates in have always had a song oriented structure, even though they didn't use words. Contriva and Mina make an exciting contribution by creating one sound from four very individual musicians, whereas in the two songs in which Masha is singing (Contriva´s "Next Time" and Mina´s "Desktop") the sound got more concrete and intimate. One could hear that this was a direction to be explored more thoroughly.
Now, on LUCK, Masha Qrella is following some of her own concepts with even greater care. And the songs turned out as brightly beautiful and restrainedly passionate as her voice sounds. On the surface you can hear a production with soul and skill, that sometimes breaks a drum loop suddenly, that indulges in one gap or another and that leaves a note where it has been dropped. The tracks that first sound roughly put together in a way that is common in hip hop, turn out to be merely the rough medium for the more airy song structures that they transport.
LUCK is a personal and extraordinary album. Masha Qrella`s debut is initially challenging, but then the music warmly and elegantly nestles against the walls of every room, where it stays present for a long time, even after the last note has faded away.
Chris Flor

cd released on monika.


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