Masha Qrella

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Masha Qrella
Don't Stop The Dance, Saturday Night

out: 13.10.2006

Masha Qrella: Don't Stop The Dance, Saturday Night







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Don't Stop The Dance, Saturday Night

A famous and a familiar song: Brian Ferry's "Don't stop the dance" on the one side, "Saturday Night" from the also Berlin-based duo Komeït on the other one. A 7inch,
45 revolutions per minute. Firstly, there is Brian Ferry's smooth declaration of love with its charismatic short interruptions that become unavoidably the kind of delays that are so typical of Masha Qrella's music. A short interruption within the long-lasting dance. There is a band with a sense for the small, strong gestures, there are Andy Haberl (drums), Michael Mühlhaus (bass guitar), Rike Schubert (vocals), Martin Wenk (trumpet). Arrangement and production are precise and transparent. As well, they are interwoven in a complex way, in a mood ready to set off. There is secondly the charming "Saturday Night", an emphatic closeness instead of the vibrating coolness of side a. "Take me to the places that I've never seen", to quote the lyrics. Masha Qrella is on her way. And simultaneously close to herself and her impressive album "Unsolved Remained" released in 2005.


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