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out: 01.12.2000

Manual: Resort







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manual aka jonas munk jensen is a 19 year old producer from odense/ denmark and after more than seven years of playing guitar & piano he just started to combine electronic with "analog" instruments.
manual doesn´t improvise very much (you can guess it from the name!), all his songs are composed without using a computer. manual uses old-school synthesizers and sometimes samples in combination with guitars and pianos to create well structured songs and soundscape-like compositions. a year ago he took artists like to roccoco rot, jim o ´rourke or boards of canada as a starting point and throughout the year his sound has evolved to a strong and fragile character of it´s own.
to listen to manual´s music evokes the need for endless summer nights or similar things we can´t get enough (like the beautiful cloudy sky on the sticker of his record ...).
the manual e.p. doesn´t insist on functional music, the most important element is the transportation of feelings and thoughts supported by wonderful melodies and rhythmic accents. in spite of using "old" instruments manual`s sounds and songs are, what we might call timeless in a certain way and as future as the esa space project at the same time.
Enjoy your Hobby!


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