Summer 2003:
Manual is 20 year old, incredibly talented Jonas Munk, living in Odense, Denmark. Since his early teens he's been involved in making music. With a few friends he founded the rock band Paragons Of Virtue, which was later to be renamed (but not remodeled) Limp, who released their debut album "Orion" on Morr Music in early 2002. Jonas loves his life and wether he is producing with his band (for which he provides almost all compositions) or solo as Manual (with two albums - "Untill Tomorrow" and "Ascend" on Morr Music - under his belt), he is always trying to convey this fact in a very emotional way, gaining him comparisons with outfits like My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Ride and Slowdive. With these traditions in mind the music is carefully transferred into the here and now while never losing a certain sunken quality. In July 2003 Morr Music will release the album "Into Forever", a collaboration of Manual with New York artist Icebreaker International, on ist newly founded sublabel Sound Of A Handshake.
When Jonas is not making music, he is studying philosophy, riding his skateboard or hanging around with friends. It's as simple as that and it's all good!


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