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Other People's Children
On A Clear Day

out: 01.09.2001

Other People's Children: On A Clear Day







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On A Clear Day

part two in morr music´s “a number of small things” single series comes courtesy of other people´s children. opc are jason, nicole and cailan, natives of melbourne australia and allround synthpop romantics.
having recently released their debut album “field of sadness” on library records, the band once again line up their collection of old casios, drum machines, dodgy microphones and their beloved and enduring mini-Korg to construct two more frosty tunes.
“on a clear day” is a gorgeous chunk of electronic pop music, all rumbling drums, layered synths and then there´s those signature ultra-deadpan vocals. It´s the new sound from way back. “suicide common” is nothing more than a lonely drum machine and some sparse synth drones to carry a poetic tale of sorrow and regret. sometimes that´s all it takes.


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