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Gleðileg Jól

out: 02.12.2011

Múm: Gleðileg Jól







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Gleðileg Jól

While on travels through Iceland in 1772, the Bishop of Uppsala wrote in a letter: "..the Icelanders sing terrible and totally out of time." 239 years later, not much has changed except that nowadays the world seems to have acquired a taste for it. From this island, múm send you seasonal greetings!
This 7inch contains two interpretations of conventional Icelandic christmas songs: Nú er Gunna á nýju skónum ('Now Gunna is wearing her new shoes') and Babbi segir ('Daddy Says'), both of which are traditionally sung around the tree at christmas-dances. They are arranged for guitar, autoharp, kazoos and voices and are sung in the aforementioned terrible beautiful style. The sensation is as it should be, slightly festive stuff yet melancholic, floating somewhere between pure naiveté and lucid Kitsch: It's really just like christmas.
This 7inch comes with an artwork by the band's lead singer Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason and a coupon for a free download of this single plus a a digital bonus track.


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