Lali Puna

anost 003 

Lali Puna
Nin-Com-Pop Rmx

out: 15.05.2001

Lali Puna: Nin-Com-Pop Rmx







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Nin-Com-Pop Rmx

for all those that can't stop grooving to lali puna's amazing 'scary world theory' album, here's the third part in 'a number of small things' - morr music's new singles series.
'nin-com-pop', the album's opening track, gets the remix treatment by two lone swordsmen and t. leboeg on seven tasty inches of vinyl. lali puna recently provided the opening remix and one of the finest moments on two lone swordsmen's 'further reminders' remix collection on warp. 2ls are returning the favour here with a splendid rework of a lali puna track, all deep and lush keyboards, gentle bleeps, hints of a beat and valerie trebeljahr's vocals untouched on top.
equally wonderful is thomas leboeg's nin-com-pop remix. leboeg is known as half of indietronics duo iso 68 and recently had a solo release on the hausmusik label. his remix brilliantly dissects lali puna's original parts and builds them into a constantly shifting and droning affair.


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