Lali Puna

morr 018 

bomb the bass - lali puna

out: 09.04.2001

bomb the bass - lali puna: Clearcut







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many people may have frequently asked themselves where the man behind bomb the bass disappeared after producing some of the first dance records some of us have listened to in their lives. well tim simenon (as you may have guessed this is his name) is now living in amsterdam, doing what he always did, making great music (he also started his own label now but that is another story).
doing so he finally got in contact with the never sleeping morr music people which are proud to present some more of tims decent beats.
as if this wasn't enough, tim simenon joined forces with markus acher and the marvelous chanteuse valerie trebeljahr of-lali puna-fame who once again provides some incredible vocals.
mere uptempo hip hop inspired beats, a bouncy bassline and a deep, dubby vibe topped with the wonderful warmth of valerie trebeljahrs voice make clearcut a blistering masterpiece.
and while it is an honour for most of us who danced as teenagers to tracks like 'beat dis' morr music friends arovane, christian kleine, herrmann & kleine and copenhagens finest opiate couldn't wait to get their fingers on the track to deliver four additional mixes.
four delicate remixes between sparse distorted breaks, shining melodies and hip hop influenced elektronika. let’s all bomb the bass.


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