Lali Puna

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Lali Puna

The story of Lali Puna is inextricably linked to that of the Morr Music label itself. The band's classic Tridecoder album was the second ever release on the imprint back in 1999 and set a new template for electronic rock music that's remained in place ever since. In parallel, Morr and Lali Puna have evolved from humble, experimental beginnings before eventually coming to represent the vanguard of modern pop. Fronted by singer and keyboard player Valerie Trebeljahr, Lali Puna's line-up is completed by drummer Christoph Brandner (also of Tied & Tickled Trio), keyboard player Christian Heiß and Markus Acher - an artist already highly regarded for his work as part of The Notwist. 'Scary World Theory' and 'Faking The Book' were both landmark releases. Over a decade of recording together this band have continued to grow in strength, confidence and studio expertise, cueing up a triumphant return to full operational capability on 'Our Inventions' in 2010. In 2012 they come up with a 10inch release, that shows her love for outsider-pop as well as it serves the demand for something, that you could call the classic Lali Puna-Sound.


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