Herrmann & Kleine

morr 026 

Herrmann & Kleine
Our Noise

out: 02.04.2002

Herrmann & Kleine: Our Noise







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Our Noise

You know what it’s like. You wander aimlessly through the streets, maybe trying to forget something, when all of a sudden the sun breaks through the clouds and turns everything into gold. In an instant all of your mind will be completely absorbed by this light and you will have forgotten anything you wanted to forget.
Our Noise has exactly the same effect as this light has. There are crucial points in these ten tracks where luminescent melodies appear from out of nowhere that seem to push everything else aside. Subtle basslines and beat structures that sometimes perpetually move into rhythmic chaos cannot really conceal the fact that this is nothing less than glorious pop. Plinkerpop as we call it when we’re in the mood for it. Around this momentum swirls a dizzying complex of beats that range from calm to pulsating and september-warm soundscapes.
Right in the middle of this ever flowing whole you’ll find a shining cover version of Slapp Happy’s Blue Flower, previously saved from obscurity by the likes of Mazzy Star and Pale Saints. On a blissfully piercing bed made out of thousands of guitars sits, majestical and modest, the voice of singer Ariane Hensel, making this point of reference her very own.
Thaddeus Herrmann and Christian Kleine prove once more that a sum consists of more than just the contents of its parts. This music here comes from directions as diverse as HipHop (Kleine), 80s-Synth-Pop (Herrmann) and classic indie rock (both). But it’s not about an easy formula, more like an interstation on a long personal path, ranging all the way back to DHR of which distant echoes are still audible up to the melodic presence of City Centre Offices.
All the while the kickboard girl still spins its circles in any good hearted mind, this album contains many a sweet and tender memory to come. This truly may be Herrmann & Kleine’s personal idea of noise, but now it’s here to be ours too.


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