Herrmann & Kleine

morr 007 

Herrmann & Kleine
Kickboard Girl Ep

out: 01.11.1999

Herrmann & Kleine: Kickboard Girl Ep







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Kickboard Girl Ep

How, do you think, does a blessed child feel while scattering his toys all over the floor. You‘ll know. After you‘ve listened to our new record.
Besides, you‘ll listen to it again and again.
Tinkling beats with an almost anthem-like approach. The `Kickboard Girl‘ melody can hardly breathe. Beats like a fountain. Then, the lung of a synthesizer whispers of a magic carpet and hovering meadows full of flowers. Slowly, the air stops rattling. `Kickboard Girl - Take Care On the Corner‘ covers the peaceful silence with buds. However, it doesn‘t take long until `May In Fall‘ triggers the euphoric pulse of an old, long forgotten breakbeat extravaganza you thought you‘d never feel again. A new melody takes your soul as a prisoner.
By now, putting on the flipside of the record already means something special to you.
`My Friend Sam‘ zooms in from noisy spaces, far away. From now on, melody is spelled `Collapse Of Emotions‘. `Sitting Next To You‘ starts with a sloppily slamming electro pattering. Another emotinal collapse kicks in. Out of a rhythmically clonking ambience, an army of disarming harmonies (made in heaven) crawls through your body. `Sitting Next To You - Closer‘ is basically something completely impossible. Even closer? No way! - Then, everything is calm. The equipment is blossoming like the inside of blessed children, eating their favorite cakes in the sun. They‘ve just freed their toys from the drawer.
Thaddeus Herrmann, founding member of the Sonic Subjunkies and an ex Digital Hardcore affiliate, runs the Berlin branch of City Centre Offices, the label on which Herrmann & Kleine released their debut E.P. Together with M.Z., he releases as `No Movement No Sound No Memories‘ on Lux Nigra. During the day, he works as an editor for the influencial Berlin-based magazine de:Bug. Magazine for the electronic aspects of life.‘
Christian Kleine will release a 7" and a full-length album on City Centre Offices later this year. He‘s done a split-7" with Arovane on the UK-label `Akward Silence‘ and played guitar on Arovane‘s new album `Tides‘, due on City Centre Offices in May.


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