Guther are Julia Guther and Berend Intelmann. From southern Germany, from northern Germany. Both have lived in Berlin for about ten years now. Before, still in Hamburg, Berend Intelmann played in the bands Halleluja dingdong happy and oof!. In the latter together with Barbara Morgenstern, who has become a Berliner by choice in the meantime, too. And who is – also in a musical way – still close today.

About the same time Julia Guther thought about studying the piano and composition. Finally she changed her mind and started to make music again only four years ago. But now the circumstances have changed. She began to write and sing songs, accompanied by a guitar, with a computer. And still today that's the way Guther-songs are written. Then they go on a journey, through the process of production, through people's minds.

From 1999 on, Berend Intelmann was the song-writing half of the Elektropop-duo Paula. There was one hit single and various records. Berend Intelmann released two solo-albums – "Frühes Frühstück" (2001) and "Tagesthemen" (2005) – on his own label Kleckenplatten. Increasingly, he produces other bands and artists.

In spring 2003 the debut of Guther "I know you know" is written and it is released on Morr Music within the same year. At that time Guther sounded more electronic and maybe also more naïve as they do on "Sundet", their second and new album. The band has grown and has also grown up a little. On stage, in the future, they will perform as a compact, complete band, with drums, singing, electronics, guitar and bass. On the current album with nonchalant harmonies and a British way of playing the guitar, with fine-layered but still dense arrangements. Recorded for the most part in a Swedish summer-house, mixed together with Norman Nitzsche (Mina, NMFarner) in Berlin. "Sundet", the sound between the places.


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