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out: 22.06.2012

FM Belfast: DeLorean







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Did you know that the DeLorean sports car was manufactured in Belfast? Did you know that FM Belfast's brand new single is called Delorean? Did you know that FM Belfast do not originate from Belfast but from Reykjavik? As acclaimed british actor Sir Michael Caine would put it: "Not many people know that."

FM Belfast are fresh as ever and are now proud to present the music video to their new single, Delorean. The two Árnis, Bjössi, Lóa and Örvar have joined forces with a talented team of Reykjavik video wizards. According to the band, this is the most ambitious music video they have produced – by far.

The video features an eccentric collector who gets sucked into a magical world when he decides to give one of his most recent treasures a testdrive. A magical world where anything can happen and nothing is impossible may sound odd at first, but this is of course the bread and butter of collectors.

The video stars the gentle giant Njörður Njarðarson as the collector, while starlet Oddur Júlíusson and graphic designer Bobby Breiðholt supply supporting roles. The song is performed almost entirily on a homemade synth, built by group handy(synth)man, Árni Hlöðversson.

Magnús Leifsson directs the video while his partner in crime Árni Filippus brings a touch of his cinematographic magic. Henrik Linnet is on special effects, and Sigurður Eyþórsson takes care of the editing.
FM Belfast have spared no expense in their mission of taking their fans for a journey through unforeseen territories of time and space – almost as if they were taking a ride on Marty McFly's and Doc Brown's own DeLorean. So lets join together in shouting out: "Run now and get your friends!" We're going to need it folks, we need 1.21 gigawatts to get this started!


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