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FM Belfast
The Singles Club

out: 15.11.2013

FM Belfast: The Singles Club







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The Singles Club

The launch of the FM Belfast party classic 'How To Make Friends' in 2008 got the band invitations to tear down concert halls all over the world - followed by a bunch of 7" and a second album in 2011.
Since then FM Belfast have proven to be more than a band, but a community, a force, a friend. Perfecting the art of reading an audience and connecting with it as a live band (which results in euphoric crowds), FM Belfast's music catches easily, yet runs deep.
To shorten the waiting time for their new album, FM Belfast have compiled a 'Best of' record, that summarizes their best singles up to date. The collection features outstanding tracks like the infamous 'Underwear' or 'American' & 'Believe' from 2011 album 'I Don´t Want To Go To Sleep'. This is party music, but as the band has never lost their ability to explore, you'll find sides of their multiple approaches to Pop & Electronica. So jump on the bus for an outrageous dance riot, no matter how large your room is.


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