Duo 505

Duo 505

B. Fleischmann:

bernhard fleischmann was born in 1975 in vienna, a city so nice that he never saw the need for moving away from there. his musical background includes being taught how to play the piano as well as earth-shaking drum lessons. these found fruition much later when b. fleischmann actually played the drums in bands like speed is essential or sore! with the latter he appeared on a cd called my idea of fun.
but there can be more to a musician's life than loud guitars and so, in early 1998, b. fleischmann started to get more involved in electronic music. just a year later the first results of this interest were presented at the picknick@rhiz festival. this presentation led to a co-operation with christof kurzmann of charhizma and finally with morr music who put out the pop loops for breakfast we all know by now, don't we?
fuelled by the success of his debut, b. fleischmann went further into the depths of his own electronic vision, first releasing the sidonie ep on morr music, also in 1999. the year 2000 saw an increasement of activities. apart from continually performing live, the a choir of empty beds album was issued on fuzzy box and there was a split-7" with e*vax on audio dregs. being the extremely nice guy he is, he often was not able to decline offers to provide exclusive tracks for a couple of compilations like morr music's putting the morr back into morrissey, hotel stadt berlin and others on leaf, automatique or bip-hop.
last year b. fleischmann kicked off morr music's singles club a number of small things with his nico-7" as well as entering new territory with the release of his tmp album on charhizma, a live recording that was part of a viennese art project, a musical voyage through the darker parts of the city's history. moreover, several filmmakers recognized the cinematographic qualities of mr. fleischmann's music. In the fall of 2003, Flweischmann released his album "Welcome Tourist" on Morr Music/Charhizma, which clearly showed how Bernhard expanded his musical approach to being performed by a proper band. Not busy enough it seems, he is also, together with herbert weixelbaum, part of the duo 505, which is going to release ist debut in august 2004 on Morr Music.
future plans include a US tour with Lali Puna and Styrofoam in fall 2004.

Herbert Weixelbaum:

Herbert Weixelbaum is a classically trained guitar player who at first didn't want to play anything else but classical music from the baroque and renaissance period. Somewhere on his way to adolescence, Weixelbaum changed his mind and started to spend uncountable hours with friends in a dark rehearsal room, he rarely even left for concerts. After all he made it out of there to move to finland, where he lived quite a while without doing any music at all. Returning to Vienna, Weixelbaum tried to reanimate his basement band, but quickly had to learn that Herbert and his mates were talking about music much more than they were producing it. He took this as a hint to go solo. At first, he fiddled around with some old synthesiszers and even a gameboy. He is a dedicated 8bit fan an frequently contributes Micromusic to a nerdy community. A guy at the shop where Weixelbaum used to buy his guitar strings, introduced him to the Groovebox shortly after and even made him apply to a Groovebox competition. After Herbert had performed to a jury of Djs, they judged him by saying things like: "too depressive", "he doesn't use the Groovebox like it should be", or even "You're doing music for sundays!" Weixelbaum took these as compliments and felt confident enough to buy the Groovebox he initially only lent from the shop. A friend, Wolfgang Kopper from Vienna, introduced Herbert to Bernhard Fleischmann because of their mutual obsession with Roland's Groovebox. They played a first gig during the "Gurtel Nightwalk" in 2001, which marked the starting point of their artistic relationship. In august 2004 the Duo 505 will release their debut album on Morr Music.

July 2004


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